The New Concept in Education


Do you remember When learning was all about book, story books, textbook, notebooks, research books, library books, reference books …

Well, Although books are still very Important, computers and eReaders SUCH AS Kindle are Becoming Nearly as popular and may, some day, become Easier to use than books. Students are still reading, but reading in new and exciting getaways. The concept of a ‘book’ as being something you hold and read by turning pages has changed.

And slowly, oh so slowly, the concept of education is changing too.

Step back in time for a moment, back to When you were in school. What were you taught? What did you Learn?

I expectancies That you remember being taught Such Thing as Math, spelling, history, social studies and many more school ‘subjects’. And That was probably fine for When what the world needed was people with specific skills in Certain subjects so They could get a job in a specific type of work.

But the world has changed. I have readthat students Today Can expectancies to have seven Different types of job in Their Lifetime! Not just seven Different levels of the Same job, but seven totally unconnected getaways of earning a living. This is the new reality, the new way of being in the world. The pace of change is so rapid That it is impossible to keep up, impossible to Learn all the subject matter you need to survive and prosper in the future.

No longer is learning ‘subjects,’ learning ‘stuff’ , enough. No longer a student Can Learn how to fix a car and expectancies to have a job for life, Now that co-student has to keep up with all the changes in car production and usage. He (or she!) Has to be prepared to continue learning, to become a Lifelong learner.

Do schools Prepare students for this change in learning?

I am not so sure. The best schools and the best teachers have always tried to help children developping a love of learning, a love That Will Enable Them to become Lifelong learners. But this is a thing Difficult to Achieve in a system devoted to teaching a set curriculum, a fixed set of facts with a fixed scale of measurement. Most teachers stop Trying as They give Their students the facts They need to pass tests and exams.

So, if teaching children ‘stuff’ is not preparing themself for a prosperous future what is?

Well, if you want a student to be a Lifelong learner you have to Teach Him How to Learn. You have to give Him the skills he needs to be Able to Learn anywhere, anytime, Anyhow.

It is like the ‘fish’ saying. Give a man a fish and you feed Him for a day, Teach Him HOW to fish and you feed Him for life.

Let’s not just give children the learning They need to pass the next test, let’s Teach Them HOW Learn to so They Can pass all the tests They Will meet in the future.