The importance of education in the Army


From the greenest Private saltiest to general education has proven to be central to success in the military. Without the creation of wisdom, of commanders of history was no reason to tell them many victories in the war won talented strategists. War would be little more than random and chaos. But this has not been the case. From the earliest times of ancient battles, those who took the time to prepare and learn fared better, regardless of the lot to which they were assigned in life. It has always been a direct correlation between some form of education and success in the military field.

If the need for education and preparation has changed, it has increased. The advent of the Internet, rapid technological advances and increased the connectedness of the world makes thorough preparation essential for sustained military operations. This fact must be understood and accepted by all military member, each service member plays an important role in the success of all our military efforts unit is. For example, the Army supply clerk can find unnecessary or perhaps matter the task unit is infantry-based activities, but they are wrong assumptions. His diligence accurate recording, organization, shipping, and storage is the only reason infantry operations can continue. He will see this and continue with proper diligence and the rest of the service for him. Every service member is an essential link in the chain. It is incumbent on every service member to pursue higher education and thus maximize their contribution to their service and their country.

Pursuing education while serving in the military is not easy, it requires considerably more effort than waiting to be spoon -fed information of supervisors. If the military member wants to set himself apart from his peers that he will pursue further studies like his life depended on it, that in many cases it can. The methods he chooses to learn based on your current state of his; constant is that his way is one of self-directed study. He will be both teacher and student. He must be willing to waive time entertainment and instead devote himself to his books. He must be prepared to be rejected and ridiculed for his singular focus to improve. The service member who wishes to pursue higher education Must steel his skin and be ready to stand alone, because he knows that with his studies, he is to win the war.